Contact Center Services

Offering an exceptional customer service not only results in customer loyalty but also generates additional revenue from the same customer.

Our services have helped organization in generating additional revenue of USD X million over a period of 12 months


Customer Acquisition

iSON specializes in maximizing the sales potential of service calls by focusing and prioritizing on end-customer's need. We use analytics and intelligent decision making tools to make solution oriented sales.

By turning problem-oriented customer conversations into solution oriented sales we open up this untapped route of growth for your organization.


Data Validation Services

Data Entry or update of new and existing customers is a important but resource intensive activity and distraction from core business goals for an organization. Our data entry experts verify or edit data as it is entered. Our data validation services ensure that data complies with specifications and quality benchmarks. Our experts enable organizations with a clear, succinct and precise database to help them promote their product or service to potential customers.

iSON has more than 7 years' experience in delivering high quality outsourced data cleansing and data validation services.


Back Office Services

Calls, Complaints or Requests that remain unresolved at the Front Office are addressed by our Service Recovery Team. Our experts address unresolved complaints and requests by close looping till issue resolution including complaints received through Social Media , email and phone.

We manage over 3 million back office transactions per month, handling Service requests and Complaints end to end, including resolution within TAT and close-looping.


Email Support Services

Our Email Customer Support provides resolution for customer queries, complaints or requests via emails etc.( non voice). Many customers prefer to contact companies via emails as they prefer written communication over voice calls. We provide complete email support from problem identification to resolution and closelooping.

We have successfully and competently handled business email support services for several global giants and our experience ranges from handling simple as well as complex issues.

Social Media Support Services

Social Media Support Services

Our 24x7 ‘Socially Engaged’ experts are trained to support social media interactions and resolving customer issues across social media platforms, in multiple languages, in real-time resulting in quick resolution and improved customer satisfaction.

Our clients' Facebook/Twitter pages are recognized as most socially devoted by leading social media rating company – Socialbakers



With industry specific process management, a global talented workforce and insights and analytics we have developed a unique approach to collections be it early stage, late stage or recovery stage. We also offer phone based collection and recovery services.

We help organizations in diminishing revenue loss while maintaining high compliance standards and compelling customer experience across platforms.



To manage customers it is essential to measure their experiences at definite intervals across platforms. Digital channels combined with analytics have empowered us to design customer retention strategies and offer support, customer loyalty and retention solutions for organizations.

We have been able to bring down churn significantly and increase Retention through our well laid out Retention strategies.