Contact Center Technology

To strengthen customer service processes and meet customer’s needs; reliable, resilient infrastructure coupled with a cloud-based multichannel software platform is desired. We can integrate to a customer's platform or we can deliver service using a cloud-based multichannel contact center provided by our technology partners, such as AVAYA , Cisco, Aspect.

We have experience in handling various Contact center technologies Like Aspect, Avaya ( Blue & Red),Cisco, Genesys and Verint, Nice etc. More than 50% of our IT staff are either Certified for Process ( ITIL) or Product Certified ( Like AVAYA, Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle Database).



Dialers allow your staff to focus on what really matters: the person on the other end. We help most companies quickly graduate from manual dialing to:

  • Click-to-call
  • Preview dialers
  • Power dialers
  • Predictive dialers and Progressive Dialers

We have robust and scalable outbound dialers which enables us to reach over 1 million customers every month.



The phones won’t stop ringing but having a meaningful conversation results in happy customers. We help agents to convert interactions into opportunities, be more productive and reach solutions quicker.

We allow 100% customer conversation continuity irrespective of agent and department they are speaking to.



Today organisations need more than an automated voice to connect with their customer : consistent and seamless experience touchpoints. We help streamline customer service and business communication thus making your calls professional and standardizing customer experience.

We serve over 400 million end-customers globally through our IVR.


Cloud Telephony

Our cloud telephony solutions have been designed to help companies at all stages of their customer communication requirement

Quick to Launch Service by the Customer at minimum size and faster scale up capability as per the Business demand available 24X7



Your callers get access to qualified agents who can assist them quickly. We help you address customer needs more efficiently by minimizing time spent on the phone for both caller and agent.

We have deployed large scale ACD systems, wherein 8000+ agents log in daily and handle over 40 millions customer transactions per month.