Our Visionaries

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Ramesh Awtaney

Founder & Chairman


Sports Enthusiast


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Vivek Gupta

Founder & Director

Telecom Veteran

Sales Genius

People Manager

Global CEO Desk


Pravin Kumar

Global CEO

Dear All,

At the outset, I would like to thank our clients for making us the largest Customer Xperience provider in Sub Saharan Africa and one of the fastest growing in Africa during the last few years including North and South Africa. We are overwhelmed with the trust you have shown in us and promise to strive in serving you better and ensuring that you are the leaders in Customers Experience in your respective markets. We will continue to be front runners in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics, providing Omni-Channel communication and ensuring best in class Digital Transformation for your organizations.

At iSON Xperiences we follow high ethical standards of conducting business, maintain full transparency and be accessible for clients and partners at all times. We are committed to our stakeholders and we will continue to achieve rapid growth in business and increase stakeholder’s value in the coming times.

Along with our focus on business and IP in IT offshoring, we have been providing opportunities to people less privileged and have created jobs and built latest infrastructure at the remotest of locations in Africa. We believe in giving back to society and most of our incessant CSR activities are focused on the betterment of marginalized sections and gender equality. The landmark “Girls Connect” initiative is making a huge impact in the lives of young girls and women in Africa. I would like to specially thank reputed global organizations like SERAS, Frost & Sullivan, Gartner, GPTW, GITTA for recognizing us and awarding us for our endeavors.

All these achievements are a result of the hard work of our dedicated and passionate team at iSON Xperiences. It is with utmost joy that I lead this team that has made us what we are today and become market leaders in such a short span of time. My focus is on initiatives like the iSON Young Leaders Program to ensure you grow with us, continue learning and upskilling yourselves and become better leaders. We aim to be the best organization for you to work and grow with. We sincerely believe that if you grow, we also grow.

Have a great work year ahead!!!

OUR Leadership team

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Pravin Kumar

Global CEO

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AVK Mohan

Global Chief Human
Resources Officer

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Vitul Kwatra

Chief Service Delivery Officer

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Brajesh K. Singh

Chief Quality & Skill

Development Officer

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Sanjay Kamboj


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YK Maheshwari


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Amit Bhargava

COO - Business Operations

& Migrations

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Imran Mohammed

SVP-Sales & CRM

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Raghvendra K. Verma

Group Head - Legal &

Company Secretary